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The Wood-Walker

The Wood-Walker was invented to have fun with little home made artificial creatures. We stuffed as many cool hardware into it as possible. Because of this you don't have to take care about finding the right parts or how to solder everything together. We did this for you already!

This Wiki should make it as easy as possible to realize your own pet programming in a short time. Here we will explain all build in components, the wiring and possible software concepts. Lots of software examples will explain how to programm your Wood-Walker with success at a first glance.

Using the Arduino IDE eases all programm handling. With it you can use tons of already existing Arduino code an libraries which fits your Wood-Walkers hardware.

Start Here

This Wood-Walker Wiki should help you to build and program your own Wood-Walker robot. If you are new to the field of Arduino programming you should walk through it step by step like a book. Advanced users can use it as a refference for all the Wood-Walker and ATMEL SAM3X8 processor specific topics.

  • Wood-Walker Assembly
  • Arduino IDE
  • Frankenstein-DUE
  • Basic Programming
  • Wireless Communication

Please give me a hawl if you miss something or even found an error. I am also happy to get some spelling and gramar hints because I am not a native english speaker.

Please notice: all this documentation is quite rudimental in the moment. I have shown 6 functional Wood-Walker at least at the MAKER Faire Berlin in October 3ed/4th 2015.

Rainer Radow
Hannover, Germany

This video is made with an outdated PCB but shows the actual audio action!

Buy a Wood-Walker

The Wood-Walker started - and still is - a hobby of James and me (Rainer Radow). But it is designed with the potential to be produced in small quantities also. I am happy that so many people gave positive feedback at the 2015 MAKER FAIRE in Berlin and the 2016 MAKER FAIRE in Hannover and wanted to buy a Wood-Walker. In the moment I plan to do a KickStarter campaign for at least 100 or 200 Wood-Walker in 2016.

If you are interested to buy a Wood-Walker NOW, I am always happy to sell you one of my actual hand made Wood-Walker. The PCB of this reached a good series quality already. The plastic parts are still 3D printed. The price varies from 160 to 220 Euro/US$ depending on the features and the stage of completion.

If you would like to be informed about all Wood-Walker activities please send me an email.

rainer @

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